Tuesday, 19 July 2011

World of Warcraft: Yes you heard me ;3

World of warcraft is something of a Gem for me, and i can even admit there are alot of problems in my opinion but ive been playing it since i was 12 which was when it was in vanilla/original when the max level was back to 60 and leveling in those days when the game was new was the best, it was so fun i couldve done it for days on end especialy when id just come from runescape lol. it was a BIG change and it pleased me rather alot :D at the start like i said the game was brilliant but over time the expansions made the game worse in my opinion  e.g. the burning crusade is worse than vanilla and wrath of the litchking is worse than the burning crusade and the same with cataclysm BUT its still playable it will get boring at a point especialy when your almost at your 6 year mark of playing like me but when your a newbie and you like MMORPG's WoW is a game for you to try and if you havent yet and you know of it your really missing out because there is always something to do in Azeroth ;3
Thanks for reading my first review feel free to comment :D

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