Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Minecraft: yeh its been done by everyone xD

For my third blog ill be talking about the well known and very popular game of Minecraft created by MoJang and notch whos overnight success made him an over 1 million euro's if im correct and for good reason too there had never really been a real game like this with this much effort put in a building game/rpg/survival which you can do anything you put your mind too  will keep you entertained for days, being able to create items that can help you out of different materials like stone,iron gold and even diamond to make tools and armor the idea of being able to build where you live and create underground mines of any size to find resourses to make more things ill admit the game in single player can get boring but if one of your friends own a minecraft server it can really change your gameplay when you can strategise and give each of your friends orders and jobs this game in my opinion is worth the 12 pounds it costs go get it if you already havent guys :D
Thanks for reading :3


  1. Rlx said...
    I love minecraft,i played from the alpha release,it got kinda boring lately..
    20 July 2011 07:08
    Bigshanks BSc said...
    I suppose its not really costing that much, you'd easily spend that money at the local coffee shop! Least this way I get more out of it haha
    20 July 2011 07:09
    Mike said...
    I never played minecraft, this makes me want to though/
    20 July 2011 07:55
    Timberman said...
    Minecraft is boring by yourself, but really shines when you get a server going with your friends :)
    It's abit like playing make believe back when you were a kid lol.
    20 July 2011 08:00
    azgrowl said...
    thanks guys :D yeh timberman just being able to do ANYTHING just makes it good good fun.
    20 July 2011 08:02
    Gryt said...
    I've spent too much time in minecraft, hahaha
    20 July 2011 08:02
    azgrowl said...
    yeh i think anyone who has minecraft can spend too much time on it :D
    20 July 2011 08:05
    Indiehashtag said...
    who hasnt played minecraft? ME!
    20 July 2011 08:20
    azgrowl said...
    you should really give it a go :D
    20 July 2011 08:27
    Sketchar said...
    I did 2 days of game play in 3 days, yes it takes up your time, really addictive, so I had to stop myself from playing it so I can actually accomplish something in like, ha. But great can't wait for more reviews and such, followed.
    20 July 2011 08:40
    Rafał said...
    Minecraft is a suprisingly good game with shitty graphics:) Followed
    20 July 2011 08:43
    LefthandedLover said...
    Just got into Minecraft. Having a blast so far!
    20 July 2011 08:52
    azgrowl said...
    thanks guys :D ill be sure to follow you all! <3

  2. they were all the comment posted for the minecraft one unfortunatly i wasnt able to save the world of warcraft comments :(