Saturday, 30 July 2011

what ive been up to

Hey guys I haven't done many posts recently I'm a little stuck for ideas so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated :) I've recently been playing league of legends which isn't like me because I'm not really into the game itself but I'm beginning to enjoy it very much I've been playing as nasus which I found out wasn't so good so I bought fiddlesticks who I love to play because if done right he's very powerfull but I'm going to be trying out twisted fate for the time being becaubecause it would be a nice change of tactics for me :D
Thanks guys x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Terraria: a brilliant, not not that well known indie game :D

this game has given me and my buddies heaps of fun xD the game itself is an adventure RPG with sandbox features things that you may recognize from minecraft, things like the obvious mining and building features and the ability to craft your own items, weapons and armor and just like minecraft they have their own tiers (copper,iron,silver,gold,shadow mail, meteor and molten). the whole game view is a 2d side scrolling platformer where you start with nothing but an axe, short sword and a pickaxe to help you get straight to work on your new character the first thing you're going to want to do is create a base because like minecraft when night falls you need shelter because of a few monsters... there are monsters in the day aswell i guess i forgot to mention xD.
throughout your game you will find there are not just normal monsters but there are bosses too and different biomes that could change your gameplay like the corruption where the grass and trees turn purple and thorns grow everywhere this place is dangerous because of the monsters that spawn there there are the deserts and the jungle dungeons aswell :D

the game has different underground levels all the way down to hell which is shown in the picture this is a place you can go to mine ores for molten armor but its incredibly difficult to get without being well geared enough to keep yourself alive down there.

in my opinion this is a great game for 6 pound and aroound 10 dollars its truely worth the buy and i highly recommend it :D

thanks all hopefully ill be keeping up with these again <3


thanks for the wait guys i was at my girlfriends and the signal is pretty shit on my phone so im gonna start a new review right now sorry for the wait xD ill see if i can do 2 tonight! a smaller and larger one
thanks :D

Sunday, 24 July 2011

lack of posts

sorry guys i havent really been able to post because ive been busy these last few days ill do my best to write one of my blackberry today tho :) thanks for waiting all ill be sure to catch up!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Amnesia: the dark decent scariest game ever

Now its the time i tell you about my time playing amnesia: the dark decent unfortunately for me it was very embarrassing, fortunately for you it should be funny hearing about how much this game terrified me. but let me first mention that this game is brilliant i am one of the biggest horror game fans because i love the feeling of being scared by a game/ movie and this is the scariest ive ever played too the point of not having the balls to beat the game untill my friend came round lol. ill give you all the plot, your name is Daniel and you wake up in a castle that you slighty recognise but youve forgotten alot of your memories through the game you get your memories back and have to find a man called alexander who did this to you.
in the biggining i found it a little creepy and walked around unfortunately im a little scared of the dark ;_; and thats what most of this game is in so by about 5 minutes into it i had already screamed :( and that was probably the least scary part of the game lol who shouldve heard me and my buddy over skype when we first encountered the monster luckily for me i ran out the room and escaped whereas for him all i heard was a loud scream as this is what he encounterd when he opened the wrong door and i know how it feels now ;_;

i laughed while he was nearly crying and he ran out then we just both laughed about it we had to go through some other rooms untill we entered a cellar to find some chemicals i grabbed something from a shelf and was pleased with myself turned around and saw the shadow of this bastard and i just curled up into a ball in the corner next to the shelf staring at it becoming slowing insane and ahving all sorts running over my screen, this is also what my buddy did aswell this is something like what we saw even though its not the same room this room in the picture scared the shit out of me :(

through the game i experienced so many fears like invisible water monsters! that was a hard part and very very scary xD and guys it just got worse from there having to hide in a wardrobe cause the monster waqs smashing the door down which was right behind me and running from something that wasnt there lol

what else can i say about this game but that its amazing frictional games have made some really scary games  like the whole penumbra series they are almost as bad lol

this game is a must for anyone to try you alhonestly should its worth the money just for the lolz

this is the video which made me buy it imagine me like this guy playing because thats what its like lol

hope you guys enjoyed this long post i enjoyed writing it this game really deserves a long post because its that great thank you all new post comming soon!

off topic

wow was up till about 6am last night being unable to sleep so i decided i would write my girlfriend this really long message to show her how much i love her :3 and to give her something nice to wake up too. just woke up at 2pm lol and i had a message that was even longer than my one and i dont even know how long it mustve taken her :D but its put me in a brilliant mood sooooo im gonna be rather happy today :3
Amnesia later guys <3

my gorgeous girlfriend <3

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

magicka: the wizard death sim x3

magicka is an indie game created by paradox interactive its an action/rpg/hack n slash based on wizards. the game itself is very fun althought a little short but the expansions and the dlc make up for that.
the game uses the elements for creating almost limitless combinations for amazing and powerful spells that can either heal, shield or kill >: D . the game in singleplayer is still very good but like minecraft it shines on multiplayer because the fact that you can kill your team mates. even if unintentionally it WILL happen maybe your spell is rebound off a shield you didnt see maybe they are wet because they just passed through a river and you just electrocuted them with a lightning beam till they explode. this game is hilarious with friends as i well know because of how many time ive been murdered by them ;_;
thanks for reading guys possibly doing the terrifying amnesia the dark decent next :D

the comments!?

sorry guys i messed up a little i was checking the comments box on my dashboard and tried to empty it and clicked the delete all comments from the box and accidently removed every comment so far and i had quite a few for my new blog so if anyone would like to repost feel free because id really appreaciate it

Warhammer online: the age of reckoning

This is an MMORPG version of the popural wargame of warhammer fantasy which is normaly played as a tabletop game games workshop decided it would make a good MMO and developed it :D ive played this game for about 1-2 years now and it is a very good game unlike world of warcraft the PVP (rvr) is much better than world of warcraft but the end game content is lacking in things to do they expect you to PVP for the rest of the game which i find quite boring but the Lore in this game is very instresting telling you all about how things happend in the past it has a great story :D. the game is definatly worth a try the pvp is very fun but end content is bad in my opinion they should add more things like dungeons and raids it would make the game more enjoyable all around
thanks for reading prepare for more reviews soon

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Minecraft: yeh its been done by everyone xD

For my third blog ill be talking about the well known and very popular game of Minecraft created by MoJang and notch whos overnight success made him an over 1 million euro's if im correct and for good reason too there had never really been a real game like this with this much effort put in a building game/rpg/survival which you can do anything you put your mind too  will keep you entertained for days, being able to create items that can help you out of different materials like stone,iron gold and even diamond to make tools and armor the idea of being able to build where you live and create underground mines of any size to find resourses to make more things ill admit the game in single player can get boring but if one of your friends own a minecraft server it can really change your gameplay when you can strategise and give each of your friends orders and jobs this game in my opinion is worth the 12 pounds it costs go get it if you already havent guys :D
Thanks for reading :3

World of Warcraft: Yes you heard me ;3

World of warcraft is something of a Gem for me, and i can even admit there are alot of problems in my opinion but ive been playing it since i was 12 which was when it was in vanilla/original when the max level was back to 60 and leveling in those days when the game was new was the best, it was so fun i couldve done it for days on end especialy when id just come from runescape lol. it was a BIG change and it pleased me rather alot :D at the start like i said the game was brilliant but over time the expansions made the game worse in my opinion  e.g. the burning crusade is worse than vanilla and wrath of the litchking is worse than the burning crusade and the same with cataclysm BUT its still playable it will get boring at a point especialy when your almost at your 6 year mark of playing like me but when your a newbie and you like MMORPG's WoW is a game for you to try and if you havent yet and you know of it your really missing out because there is always something to do in Azeroth ;3
Thanks for reading my first review feel free to comment :D

Let me tell you about whats going to be happening on my Blog

'Sup guys ive decided to start my own blog to see how it all works out for me im hoping to make at least 3-4 blog posts a week and looking forward to reading some of yours. My Blog is about Gaming as the title suggests im going to try and make this from my own experience of games and ive played plenty lol, its going to range over most genres and sometimes even older games from a few years back that just need a mention some of the games will be well known and some not as well known but i will give you MY opinion's on these feel free to dispute them but keep it civil and everyone will have their own ideas of fun.
Thanks :D